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The Erotic Universe of Div For’e

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The videos of Div For’e can be found exclusively on the Adult webiste TWILIGHT WOMEN

Les Vampires – Monique’s Story Part Six

Kathy, Monique and Others

Emily, seeking pleasure, is pulled further into the lesbian vampire world of Kathy and Monique.

20 Clips – Total running time: 1 hr. 45 min.
25 May 11


Preceding his 2012 Vampire interlude, The Feed:Parts 1 & 2, Div For’e shot the Seven Part erotic epic, LES VAMPIRES: Monique’s Story. Just a quick dip into the opening of Part 6 illustrates his style. Unlike many of his videos, this one features some fascinating, ambiguous, evocative dialogue between two of the main characters, Kathy and Emily.
Having reviewed NIGHT PICK UP (2013) and LES VAMPIRES-THE FEED 1&2 (2012), available on the TWILIGHT WOMEN website, I knew what to expect from Div For’e in terms of a lesbian vampire series, but the 7 part, that’s over 12 hours of clips and scenes, of LES VAMPIRES-MONIQUE’S STORY, continues and expands into another dimension. This one features dialogue. But not the kind one would expect in a soft porn film. The dialogue here is mysterious, penetrating and poetic. It has a hypnotic quality, with an emphasis on ellipsis. “I’m a vampire” Kathy announces as she walks into the bedroom, gently confronting the somewhat reluctant, and visibly frightened Emily. The line is delivered with a sultry edge..  There’s a sense erotic mystery in that line reading, which underlines the subtext of vampire mythology from Bram Stoker’s DRACULA to all the books and films dealing with the subject. Kathy and Emily have roles to play, possible victim and predator, in this scene where the vampire attempts to educate her pupil in the ways of the vampire life. Some are killed, some are used to feed upon. We don’t know which way this will go for Emily. She speaks of her fear of death. Kathy responds that death is relative, there are many kinds of death. The death of the normal life, the death of social/intellectual conformity. This is not dialogue heard in the usual vampire film. But these are not typical vampire films. Div For’s vampire films unfold in a parallel reality. They take on added interest when examined in reference to the horror y sexo vampire films of Jess Franco.
The eroticism is in the slow burning build up to sex, blood letting or something intangible. This five to seven minute clips, are not about nudity or even soft-core sex. When watched in streaming continuity they are a time spend in an alternate zone. The glances exchanged between the women, as Monique enters and watches, tell a different story, or adds another level of reality. The Female Gaze is established and explored, as it is in all of Div For’e’s erotic videos. Men are a supporting cast to these dangerous, unpredictable, fascinating women. There is no King Vampire or Van Helsing type vampire hunter here, the types usually played by Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in such classic Hammer films as HORROR OF DRACULA (1958).
Watching is a key element to the LES VAMPIRES videos and there is almost always a person, or a group, watching the seduction unfold. Div For’e often slowly pans from character to character, following the gaze of the participants. There is no sense of conventional editing, time and space become blurred, irrelevant. The effect is hypnotic. The invisible magnetism which exists between the vampires and the humans is defined in this style. The camera seems to float into areas unknown, where words are not necessary. This technique is very similar to the aesthetics found in the vampire films of Jess Franco (FEMALE VAMPIRE) and Jean Rollin (REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE), made in the early 1970s. Those films had very little dialogue and played as almost silent films, in color, with nudity and sex conducted in misty European landscapes. It also reminded me of Joe Sarno’s 1973 VEIL OF BLOOD, a shot in Germany fever dream where a lesbian vampire cult stalks a group of international tourists, obtaining blood to resurrect a 300 year old vampire queen. More on MONIQUE’S STORY in future editions.
BLOOD is a series of short scenes shot for a possible feature or series of features. These scenes feature the brunette Christine, Ann Ampar and Robin Joy as participants in a blood orgy. Set in a castle dungeon style set, also used in THE FEED, it opens with Christine and two men slowly reclining on a giant pillow where a middle aged man in a 1950s style wardrobe vampirizes Christine while a younger, long haired man in 1970s style clothing watches along with an older man in a more conservative business-casual wardrobe. Watching and waiting become key tropes in Div For’e videos. There is no dialogue in the 50 or so minutes of vampire sensuality. The men drink her blood and she drinks theirs. It’s a mutual sharing scenario observed by Robin Joy, who is placed off to the side of the space. Once again the camera pans hypnotically, obsessively, from the viewer to the participants. Time seems suspended. No words are needed. One senses that Robin wants to get involved, which she does eventually. Again, total nudity and hardcore sex aren’t part of the scenario. The erotic quality is generated by the actor’s movements and the dreamy camera work.
Ann Ampar arrives, placed in the same space where Robin was watching the action. The watcher-performer dynamic once again is asserted, silently and inexorably. Seated off to the side of action again, anxious but patient, wearing a long skirt, with her legs crossed, Ann’s intense interest in the action is telegraphed by her subtle movements and her intent gaze. Will she become involved, or remain at a distance? That question arises in the mind of the viewer, creating more erotic tension. The uncertainty becoming a drawn out prelude. The scenes described above equal only about one hour of the dozens of hours of erotica, visualized by Div For’e and acted out by the talented performers on Twilight Women. It’s important to note that the performers are not professional actors.
As in the LES VAMPIRES series, the vampire films of Jess Franco are a key influence, as Div For’e himself has confirmed in interviews. From LA COMTESSE NOIRE to DAS BILDNIS DER DORIANA GRAY to VAMPIRE BLUES to VAMPIRE JUNCTION to SNAKEWOMAN, the sense of suspended animation is palpable as the players move from seduction to seduction. The erotic atmosphere overwhelms whatever plot exposition or reality which is present. A dream-time is established which replaces the seconds, minutes and hours of conventional waking time. The fourth wall of closed off space within set time is removed and the viewer is able to enter an interactive space. A negative space which can’t be pre-scripted.
More on these two series and other Twilight Women video clips will be published here in the future.
(C) & Text by Robert Monell, 2017test1

Written by Robert Monell

27 junio 2017 a 9:13 PM


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