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Coming in January 2017!

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Jess Franco’s second film in his long running Dr. Orloff series is finally debuting on Blu-ray. Redemption Films has announced they will be releasing this presentation in January 2017. It will include a commentary track by Tim Lucas.

GRITOS EN LA NOCHE (aka THE AWFUL DR. ORLOF, 1961), the first in the series, has already been released by Redemption in HD. It should also be noted that Dorado Films is releasing the third Jess Franco Dr. Orloff film, THE SINISTER EYES OF DR. ORLOFF (1973), in a number of different editions in the next few weeks. No plans yet have surfaced for a HD edition of the fourth in the series, THE SINSTER DR. ORLOFF (1982), which features Howard Vernon as an aged Dr. Orloff and Antonio Mayans as his son, an insane biologist who continues his father’s dubious experiments. The latter is a pretty delirious exercise in Spanish Horror y Sexo and one hopes it will get a much needed HD upgrade. I have seen an English subtitled copy and will discuss that in a future blog.


I have seen three versions of EL SECRETO DEL DR. ORLOFF, including the Spanish version which features footage not in any other version. The French version LES MAITRESSES DUDOCTEUR JEKYLL, has alternate footage Franco shot as the request of Eurocine, the French co-producer. DR. ORLOFF’S MONSTER is the US release version, which has an alternate opening credit sequence with Americanized names of the cast and crew.

Written by Robert Monell

18 noviembre 2016 a 10:13 PM


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