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Above: One of many rogue 1980-90s era VHS releases. This one from EDDE VIDEO.  Besides these they were a number of gray market releases…

No longer available. At least it’s not listed in the  Jess Franco section on their site. Note: the VSOM website was deleted since this was originally posted.
Film [this version]: *
Video: * 1.33:1 [including inserts]; NTSC VHS
Audio: *

This 1hr 45m composite contained approximately 35m of extra non-Jess Franco-generated footage,  including erotic inserts [financed by Eurocine and shot circa 1973] and laughably unconvincing zombie footage reportedly filmed by Jean Rollin (very much in the “style” of the 1980 Eurocine coproduction ZOMBIE LAKE, directed by Rollin).

It composites an English language dub of the film with Spanish subtitles, TESTAMENTO DIABOLICO, along with scenes from, quoting a video generated scroll over footage from the Eurocine lensed garden orgy*,  “…the French releases HOLOCAUSTE DE ZOMBI, Princesse De L’ Erotisme and the Italian-Euro print UNA VERGINE TRA I MORTI VIVENTI.” The scroll goes on to claim to be the “definative” (sic) version which includes all the footage deleted from the “diluted Anglo version.” This is really not correct since all this extra footage was never included in any “Anglo” home video version outside of this grey market composite. Some of the zombie footage does appear in such vintage VHS releases, like the WIZARD VIDEO release, which doesn’t include the earlier shot erotic footage.

Onscreen title: A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD, with TESTAMENTO DIABOLICO [in yellow subtitles below the main title credit font]. I guess this version may have some value for Franco completists {I paid an outrageous 25 dollars + shipping at the time!] but the MIDNIGHT VIDEO composite is in much better audio/visual quality and contains extra erotic/zombie footage not in the VSOM. That will be logged in a separate future post.

*The infamous “garden orgy” is discussed in detail by a panel, including Alain Petit, in “The Three faces of Christina” a 12 minute documentary by Daniel Gouyellete included as a special feature on the 2013 REDEMPTION Blu-ray release of the “director’s cut”. titled CHRISTINA, PRINCESS OF EROTICISM (79 minutes).

There was some commentary that this release still retained some erotic footage not shot by Franco. It’s nonetheless a welcome HD release. A 2k or 4k scan and full restoration, if the camera negatives are available, would also be welcome.   The scene is also included in the bonus material and features mid 1970’s JF regulars Alice Arno (as a nude queen wearing only a cape, mask and crown, sitting on a throne and waving a sceptre), Pierre Taylou (EXORCISME), Waldemar Wohlfaart (YUKA) and Nadine Pascal (THE SADIST OF NOTRE DAME).

C) Robert Monell 2016

Written by Robert Monell

26 agosto 2016 a 10:13 PM


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