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LUCKY, THE INSCRUTABLE coming on Blu-ray!

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LUCKY, EL INTREPIDO aka LUCKY, THE INSCRUTABLE, a delightfully inventive, satirical 1967 Eurospy epic directed by Jess Franco, is finally getting a HD release in Germany. It’s in its original Scope ratio, which is essential because it has a vintage Pop-Art visual design featuring eye popping colors and dialogue in comic book style balloons. It stars cult actor Ray Danton (THE RISE AND FALL OF LEGS DIAMOND) as a tricky secret agent who delivers rapid fire quips and is a loving homage the 1960s Eurospy craze. One of Jess Franco’s most beautifully crafted, entertaining genre items.  With a killer score by Bruno Nicolai.

In Italian, with German subtitles. Hope to see a North American Blu-ray of this with an English language track asap.


Lucky M. füllt alle Särge: Ab 09.09.2016 bei uns! Actiongeladener Eurospy von von Kult-Regisseur…


Written by Robert Monell

1 julio 2016 a 9:25 PM

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  1. This is welcome news! The Pidax DVD of Dr. M. Schlägt zu looks & sounds great (tho it’s going to take me a while to match up AnDeRsSoN’s subtitles to the PAL video). I don’t know about Blu-ray, but their website lists DVD, so I’ll be picking it up. With a German subtitle file, it shouldn’t be too hard to substitute the English-dubbed dialogue. It’s in my Franco top-30, with its satire, Eurospy whimsy, B. Nicolai music, etc., and with the feel of a one-shot production, different from the contemporary Red Lips and Eddie Constantine movies. I’m not continually aware here that I’m watching a Franco movie, yet something of it stuck with him all the way to Pop Street, Looking forward to your future review.


    7 julio 2016 at 2:47 PM


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