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Another Jess Franco Double Bill in HD

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Dorado Films is also considering doing these two 1980s Jess Franco films as a Bluray+DVD double bill in the future. These are two of Franco’s better neo noirs from that period. CAMINO SOLITARIO is another entry into the director’s career spanning series featuring his favorite PI, Al Pereira, which started with the 1966 CARTES SUR TABLE and was most recently updated with the still unreleased REVENGE OF THE ALLIGATOR LADIES, completed after his passing by his longtime collaborator Antonio Mayans, who plays the leading role. CAMINO SOLITARIO focuses on the detective’s relationship with his young daughter as he becomes embroiled in a complicated criminal scheme involving a femme fatale (Lina Romay). It’s a gritty, stylish exercise in crime cinema, which the director termed a “black film” (film noir).               JUEGO SUCIO EN CASABLANCA is a North African set crime drama which focuses on the plight of an alcoholic writer (William Berger)who hires a one of his poker playing partners to kill him as a way of committing suicide. Silvia Montez (Muriel Montessey) co stars as his glamorous wife who may be involved in a devious plot of her own. An exotic score featuring some African rhythms enhances the film’s ambience. William Berger gives one of his best performances in this downbeat thriller. Written by Santiago Moncada (A BELL FROM HELL), this is an atmospheric remake of Tulio Demicheli’s 1975 JUEGO SUCIO EN PANAMA. Beside being the Bluray debut of these films this will also be the home video debut of both films in North America, as neither has ever had a VHS/DVD release here. Both features will be transfered from 35mm elements and include new English subtitles with the original Spanish language tracks. Dorado Films has just announced their plan to release this Bluray package as a follow up to their LOS OJOS SINIESTROS DEL DOCTOR ORLOFF and UN SILENCIO DE TUMBA HD double bill.  (C) Robert Monell (2016)

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Written by Robert Monell

17 mayo 2016 a 4:51 PM


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