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What is your favorite DOCTOR ORLOFF film…and why?

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wpid-img_31879063019399.jpegwpid-img_31870438162631.jpegsecreto1LOS OJOS SINIESTROS DEL DR ORLOFFDe la colección de Manolo Valencia

Mine is EL SINIESTRO DOCTOR ORLOFF aka Experimentos Macabros (1982), because it has both Howard Vernon as the original Doctor Orloff and Antonio Mayans as his demented scientist son. They both deliver superb performances and seeing the father-son conflict adds layers of meaning to the series.

I above all appreciate the hallucinatory color stylization of the imagery, the outre synthesizer score, performed by Jess Franco on the Profeto 5. The science fiction style ending, which projects the theme into an ether dimension, is a unique twist which gives it a 21st Century quality.  It also has my favorite Jess cameo as Manolo, the highly amusing “witness.”

It really needs to have a HD release with English subtitles for its non Spanish speaking viewers. The other two, EL SECRETO DEL DOCTOR ORLOFF (1962) and LOS OJOS SINIESTROS DEL DOCTOR ORLOFF (1973, would also benefit from HD releases. Since Eurocine is he owner of EL SECRETO DEL DOCTOR ORLOFF’s rights I would hope that a company like REDEMPTION or SEVERIN would consider a Blu-ray release in the future.

(C) Robert Monell

Written by Robert Monell

8 marzo 2016 a 10:15 PM


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