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“Gut munchers rejoice! Going blu on CANNIBAL TERROR and DEVIL HUNTER. With new exclusive interviews with CT director Allan W. Steeve (Alain Deruelle) and actor Burt Altman. Coming in August.” [This is a guilty pleasure. Of course, LA COMTESSE PERVERSE (1973) is Jess Franco’s best and most original cannibal film, elegant, edgy and stylish, overflowing with weird images and his trademark atmosphere, along with Alice Arno and Howard Vernon at the top of their games. DEVIL HUNTER (1980), on the other hand. is rather crude hackwork, featuring a clueless looking Al Cliver as the hero. It is nonetheless amusing, brutal, Jess Franco hackwork all the way, with a boatload  of egregious Women in Peril imagery and a rather vile attempt to eroticize rape and torture. It also can be viewed as having racist overtones, the cannibal villain is a tall, bug-eyed, always nude person of color who is a dehumanized, drooling, roving menace, a [sub]human King Kong. A notorious exploitation entry into the Jess Franco canon. But it’s worth seeing to see how Franco managed to stay employed no matter what. The previous Severin DVD release of this had some issues so this Blu-ray will hopefully be a welcome upgrade. The less said about Eurocine’s CANNIBAL TERROR, the better. It does contain some footage from Jess Franco’s CANNIBALS (1980). More about both features when I get the chance to view this HD double bill.] (C) Robert Monell 2015

Written by Robert Monell

3 julio 2015 a 12:15 AM


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